An Open-Source Distributed AI Infrastructure built using a custom Substrate based Blockchain.
Your Model. Trained and Delivered.
Learning made Simple
Train ML Models with ease.
Simply drop in your model and it get back trained on a collection of global data providers in a private and decentralized manner.
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Backed by Substrate

Incentivised Learning

Users can either use Cerebrum as a trainer for ML Models or earn by becoming a neuron and providing valuable inferences to train the ML models.
Trainers are charged on the basis of the complexity of their model.
Neurons are rewarded on the basis of the quality and quantity of data they provide.
Scaling the Network
Cerebrum utilizes Substrate to Scale the AI and Improve Transparency
Stronghold on Privacy
Stronghold on Privacy
A Federated Ecosystem
Built with privacy at its core.
We make sure that your precious data never leaves your device and utilize it in a completely private manner.
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